PilotEdge ATIS System

The PilotEdge ATIS (Automated Terminal Information Service) provides weather and runway & approach planning information to pilots on the PilotEdge network. All airports that are considered towered on PilotEdge have ATIS broadcasts running on their real-world ATIS frequencies.

Just like the real world, controllers also have ready access to this information and will verify that pilots are reporting in with the correct ATIS code.

If you’re using custom weather (meaning, weather settings that aren’t current real world conditions), you can report in with information ZULU as a way to inform controllers that you’re using custom weather.

Quick ATIS lookup

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which airports have ATIS on PilotEdge?
All airports towered on PilotEdge and have a real-world ATIS system now broadcast an ATIS on PilotEdge on their published frequencies during the network’s ATC operating hours (8am-11pm Pacific).

As a reminder, all public use towered airports within the Los Angeles ARTCC are treated as towered on PilotEdge. Additionally, all public-use Bravo and Charlie airports within the Western US operating area are treated as towered, along with strategically-selected Class Delta airports. See the Operating Hours & Service Area for the full list.

Some towered airports, such as Mojave (KMHV) and North Bend (KOTH), do not have an ATIS frequency in the real world and only have an AWOS/ASOS system. PilotEdge doesn’t provide or interfere with your simulator’s AWOS/ASOS functionality.

How do I use the ATIS system?
Thankfully, it’s just like the real world. Tune the radio to the published ATIS frequency.

Which simulators are supported?
Any simulator that currently connects to PilotEdge will receive ATIS broadcasts.

Can I use this with weather plugins?
Yes. PilotEdge does not control your sim’s weather or push weather at all; this hasn’t changed.

Can I still get ATIS at airports PilotEdge doesn’t treat as towered?
Yes, you can. For X-Plane customers, our system automatically disables and re-enables the built-in ATIS system for you. Prepar3d customers will need to change their configuration settings to disable and enable ATIS themselves, but this can be toggled mid-flight if desired. See the software download page for more details.

Can I disable the PilotEdge ATIS? What if I’m using my own weather?
Yes, you can utilize the Custom Weather option when filing a flight plan. This will prevent you from receiving the PilotEdge ATIS so you can use an alternative system. Advise the controller that you have Information ZULU when using custom weather.

Can I simulate receiving D-ATIS via text as an airliner pilot or dispatcher would?
Yes! You can retrieve ATIS outside the simulator via SMS or via a web interface. See below.

Why am I hearing two ATIS broadcasts at once?
If you’re using Prepar3D or FSX, you’ll need to disable the in-game ATC system to prevent the overlap. If you’re using a version of X-Plane prior to v11.30, then make sure you’re running PilotEdge V1.5.2 or newer.

Accessing ATIS

While we encourage pilots to practice their real-world procedures by using the radios to retrieve ATIS, we also have made ATIS information available in a few other formats to simulate airline & flight dispatch access to digital ATIS information, as well as support pre-flight planning.

Web-based Access

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SMS Access

You can SMS any airport code with PilotEdge ATIS support to 970-44-PILOT (970-447-4568) to retrieve the most current ATIS.

Machine-Readable Access / APIs

Users building integrations have several options for retrieving text-format ATIS data. Please use the ‘all airports’ functionality if you are retrieving data for more than one field at a time.

Note that it is unrealistic for pilots to be able to retrieve text ATIS for fields that don’t have D-ATIS as this simply isn’t possible in the real world. Integration developers are encouraged to consider restricting ATIS retrieval to airports with D-ATIS support; a has_d_atis field is present in the output to assist with this determination.

Audio-format ATIS will only be available through the PilotEdge radio system.