Pilot Training Workshops

PilotEdge workshops are free online pilot training sessions, held live over the Internet, designed to delve deeply into the practical side of real world VFR and IFR flying.

Past Workshops

All About VFR
VFR airspace, rules and regulations
Scenario-based VFR flight planning and communication (part 1)
A look at the route selection, navigation techniques, airspace analysis and sample ATC communications for 2 non-towered to non-towered scenarios.
Scenario-based VFR flight planning and communication (part 2)
Continuing from the previous workshop, this time we go deep on two VFR flights between 4 Class D airports.
Scenario-based VFR flight planning and communication (part 3)
The last in the VFR flight planning series, we tackle Class B and C airspace head on.
ATC Communications
Introduction to towered and non-towered operations, departures, arrivals and transitions.
IFR - Departures Demystified
Introduction to IFR concepts, and then a deeper review of the world of IFR departures, including SIDs, ODPs, and VFR departures.
IFR - Enroute Procedures and Decoding Enroute Charts
Reroutes, short cuts, holds, diversions, VFR on top, cruise clearances, block altitudes and symbols on charts that wouldn't be out of place in King Tut's tomb. What does it all mean?
Arrivals: Mastering STARs
Become a master of Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs)
Instrument approaches (part 1)
Overview of instrument approaches and decoding approach plates
Instrument approaches (part 2)
Recap on flying ILS 19R at SNA then onto non-precision approaches
Instrument approaches (part 3)
Rapid fire analysis of a series of user-submitted precision and non-precision approaches within the Los Angeles ARTCC
Instrument approaches (part 4)
Circling, visual and contact approaches. Plus, your questions answered.
IFR: Holding, lost comms, TEC routes
You gotta know when to hold 'em!
IFR Flight Planning & TEC Routes
Wanna be cleared as filed? TEC routes make it happen!
Flight simulation for primary and instrument training
Working on your PPL or instrument ticket? Here are some best practices for maximizing the value of your simulation experience at home
DME arcs from the Cockpit
While they're relatively rare, knowing how to fly an arc is still an important skill to have. Besides, they're actually kinda fun! Unlike previous workshops, this will be a cockpit broadcast from the sim.