I-2 Rating



IFR from KSNA to KCRQ to shoot the ILS RWY 24 approach.

Learning objectives

  • Intercept and track VOR radial
  • Interpret Victor airways on low enroute chart

Flying the Rating

To successfully complete this rating you must accomplish the following tasks:

  • File IFR flight plan from KSNA to KCRQ
  • Obtain your clearance via voice and without using Datalink (DCL).
  • Fly IFR from KSNA to KCRQ, requesting vectors to the ILS RWY 24 final approach course
  • Inform ATC on initial contact at KSNA that you are performing the I-2 Rating
  • Meet the I Ratings Practical Test Standards

Rating Description

Piston aircraft should file V23 OCN for your route, with an enroute altitude of 5000. This is the published preferred route for slow and fast piston aircraft from SNA to CRQ. High Performance Turboprop or jet aircraft should file V25 PACIF V208 OCN at 7000 instead. In later ratings, we’ll learn more about where to find these routes, but for now, that’s the route to fly.

What is V23?

For pistons, our filed route reads V23 OCN. V23 is a low altitude airway (a Victor airway, hence the ‘V’ code) running from the Seal Beach (SLI) VOR to the Oceanside (OCN) VOR. These airways form the backbone of the low altitude enroute structure in the National Airspace System.

V23 runs southeast out of SLI along the 120 radial, all the way to OCN, and then continuing to the southeast.

In the real world, you would be required to have current low-enroute charts to fly IFR. These charts depict the airways, intersections, published holds, minimum enroute altitudes, and other information needed to safely fly IFR. You can access an interactive version of the required low-enroute chart at skyvector.com.


Note: This flight doesn’t go as planned due to lower than expected weather at the destination. Pilots are not expected to go missed at KCRQ, this is included for educational purposes only.


N132KT: John Wayne Delivery, Piper 132KT, IFR to Carlsbad.

SNA_DEL: Piper 2KT, Delivery, good morning, cleared to the Carlsbad airport, fly heading 175, expect radar vectors V23 then as filed. Maintain 5000, departure frequency 128.10, squawk 1312.

N132KT: Piper 2KT cleared to Carlsbad, heading 175, vectors V23 then as filed, maintain 5000, departure 128.10, squawk 1312

SNA_DEL: Piper 2KT, readback correct.

Swap to ground for taxi…

N132KT: John Wayne Ground, Piper 132KT, east ramp, taxi with Hotel

SNA_GND: Piper 132KT, John Wayne Ground, runway 20L at Kilo, taxi via Alpha, Hotel and Charlie.

N132KT: taxi 20L at Kilo via Alpha, Hotel and Charlie, Piper 2KT

Reaching the runway, we contact the tower.

N132KT: John Wayne Tower, Piper 132KT, 20L at Kilo, ready for IFR departure.

SNA_TWR: Piper 132KT John Wayne Tower, wind 160 at 13, rwy 20L at Kilo cleared for takeoff

N132KT: cleared for takeoff, 20L at Kilo, N2KT.

Reaching a safe altitude, we turn to hdg 175 and are told to change frequency.

SNA_TWR: Piper 2KT, contact Socal departure, good flight.

N132KT: so long, 2KT

Swap to 128.10

N132KT: Socal Departure, Piper 132KT 600 climbing 5000

SNA_DEP: Piper 2KT, Socal Departure, radar contact, reaching 3000 turn left hdg 150, join V23 then resume own navigation, John Wayne altimeter 29.89

N132KT: reaching 3000, hdg 150 for V23, then own nav for 2KT

We fly the 150 heading until intercepting the SLI R-120 outbound, which represents V23. Approaching OCN we’re sent to the next departure controller

SNA_DEP: Piper 2KT, contact Socal Approach 119.60

N132KT: 19.6 for 2KT, g’day

Swap to 119.60.

As we’re fairly close to our arrival airport, it’s prudent to advise the controller that we have the weather, so he doesn’t have to give it to us

N132KT: Socal, Piper 132KT, 5000 with Bravo

SAN_APP: Piper 2KT, Socal Approach, depart Oceanside hdg 070, descend and maintain 4000, vectors ILS rwy 24 approach

N132KT: down to 4000 now, and after Oceanside, hdg 070 for 2KT

SAN_APP: Piper 2KT, turn right heading 180

N132KT: hdg 180, 2KT

SAN_APP: Piper 2KT, 6 from ESCON, fly hdg 220, maintain 2300 until established on the localizer, cleared ILS RWY 24 approach.

N132KT: hdg 220, 2300 until established, cleared approach, 2KT

SAN_APP: Piper 2KT, radar service terminated, contact Palomar tower 118.60.

N132KT: 118.60, 2KT

Swap to tower, 118.60…

N132KT: Palomar Tower, Piper 132KT, Warrior 6 miles out ILS rwy 24

CRQ_TWR: Piper 2KT, Palomar Tower, wind 230 at 7, rwy 24 cleared to land

N132KT: cleared to land, 2KT

CRQ_TWR: Piper 2KT, taxi to the ramp, remain this frequency

N132KT: to the ramp with you, 2KT

Required Materials

  • SNA Airport Facility Diagram
  • Low enroute chart depicting SLI V23 OCN (skyvector.com)
  • KCRQ ILS RWY 24 approach plate
  • KCRQ Airport Facility Diagram

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