I-5 Rating



Introduction to SIDs and STARs with a flight from Burbank (KBUR) to Las Vegas (KLAS)

Learning objectives

  • understand and comply with a Standard Instrument Departure (SID)
  • understand and comply with a Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR)
  • understand and comply with a visual approach clearance

Flying the Rating

To successfully complete this rating you must accomplish the following tasks:

  • Inform ATC on initial contact at KBUR that you are performing the I-5 Rating
  • File a route that contains just a SINGLE reference to DAG
  • Copy and read back the IFR clearance to KLAS
  • Conduct IFR flight from KBUR to KLAS, complying with the SID and STAR
  • Shoot a visual approach at the destination if weather permits (Note: if custom weather is used, do not set weather to IMC if the real world weather would’ve permitted a visual approach)
  • Meet the I Ratings Practical Test Standards

Rating Description

Fly from Burbank (KBUR) to Las Vegas (KLAS) via the following routing, pick one as appropriate for your type of aircraft, replace “DP” and “STAR” with the current revision number for the named DP/STAR.:

  • VNY DP DAG CRESO STAR (piston or non RNAV turboprop)
  • VNY DP DAG LARKK STAR (non RNAV jet…and good luck with that)

Here is an example of the EXACT flight plan route for a piston or turboprop (correct at the time of writing, the SID/STAR revision numbers may change over time. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THIS ROUTE. REVIEW THE CURRENT VERSIONS OF THE SID/STAR and FILE ACCORDINGLY): VNY3.DAG.CRESO4

Read the TEXT of the departure carefully, the controller will expect you to fly it as published. Pay careful attention to the initial heading from Burbank as well as the fact that a vector needs to be issued prior to continuing the SID.


Turboprop from KBUR to KLAS

Turbojet from KBUR to KLAS (with engine failure)


N132KT: Burbank Clearance, Citation 132KT, clearance to Vegas with Whiskey. Lots, and lots of Whiskey.

BUR_DEL: Citation 132KT, Burbank Clearance, good morning, cleared to the Las Vegas McCarran airport, VNY3 departure, Daggett transition, then as filed. Maintain 4000, expect flight level two seven zero five minutes after departure, departure frequency 134.20, squawk 1354.

N132KT: Citation 2KT cleared to Vegas, VNY3 departure, Daggett transition, LARKK1 arrival, maintain 4000 expect FL270 in 5 minutes, frequency 134.20, squawk 1354

BUR_DEL: Citation 2KT, readback correct, good luck with that non-RNAV museum piece.

N132KT: You’re too kind.

After ordering the death of the controller’s family pet, we swap to Ground.

N132KT: Burbank Ground, Citation 132KT, Millionaire, the FBO, not the financial status. Taxi with Hotel.

BUR_GND: Citation 132KT, Burbank Ground, I owe delivery $5 on that bet, I didn’t think the wheel was invented when your avionics suite was installed. runway 15, taxi via Bravo….assuming you can find it.

N132KT: Hysterical…enjoy your pets while you can, runway 15 taxi via Bravo.

Reaching the runway, we contact the tower

N132KT: Burbank Tower, Citation 132KT, ready at runway 15, IFR, and go ahead with a rousing quip about my navigation equipment. See what happens.

BUR_TWR: Citation 2KT, Burbank Tower, gulp, wind 200 at 9, runway 15 cleared for takeoff.

N132KT: Oh, Runway 15, cleared for takeoff, N2KT.

BUR_TWR: Citation 2KT, contact Socal Departure.

N132KT: So long, 2KT.

Swap to Socal Departure…

N132KT: Departure, Citation 132KT 1000, climbing 4000

BUR_DEP: Citation 1322KT, Socal Departure, radar contact, climb and maintain 13,000, Burbank altimeter 28.92.

N132KT: up to 13000, Citation 2KT

BUR_DEP: Citation 2KT, turn right heading 340, direct TWINE when able then resume the VNY3 dep…arrrrr….ture oh wait. You’re /W. sigh Fly heading 300, intercept the LAX 316 radial, then resume the VNY3 departure unless you’d prefer to use a sextant? Contact Los Angeles Center 125.27

N132KT: No harm can come to us, we are using VORs….actually wait, it’s not….bangs on the CDI, and there we go, heading 300, join the departure, over to center, N2KT.

N132KT: Center, Citation 132KT, 10,000 climbing 13,000

LAX_CTR: Citation 132KT, Los Angeles Center, climb and maintain FL270, do not exceed 280kts for spacing. Reaching FL230, resume normal speed

N132KT: no faster than 280 until FL230, climb and maintain FL270, N2KT.

Approaching DAG, we’re given our descent.

LAX_CTR: Citation 2KT, cross RNDRZ at and maintain 15,000, Las Vegas altimeter 29.93

N132KT: cross RNDRZ at 15,000, N2KT

LAX_CTR: Citation 2KT, contact Las Vegas approach 125.90

N132KT: 125.90 for Citation 2KT.

N132KT: Vegas Approach, Citation 132KT, 14,200 to cross RNDRZ at 12,000 with Alpha.

LAS_APP: Citation 2KT, Vegas Approach, expect visual approach rwy 25L, increase speed to 280

N132KT: 25L and increasing to 280, N2KT

After the left turn towards LAS, we’re given a descent

LAS_APP: Citation 2KT, descend and maintain 8000

N132KT: down to 8, N2KT

SWA392: Vegas departure, Southwest 392, 3000 climbing via the BOACH4

LAS_APP: Southwest 392, Vegas departure, radar contact. Traffic 10 oclock 4 miles, westbound at 8000, a Citation, report in sight.

SWA392: Negative contact, Southwest 392

LAS_APP: Citation 2KT, traffic 10 o’clock 4 miles, westbound turning southbound, climbing out of 3500 for 7000, a Southwest 737, report in sight.

N132KT: in sight, we’ll maintain visual separation

LAS_APP: Citation 2KT, thank you, descend and maintain 6000, he’ll be climbing through your altitude

N132KT: down to 6000, 2KT

LAS_APP: Southwest 392, the Citation has you in sight and as made a vague promise not to hit you, climb and maintain FL190, cleared direct BOACH, then resume the BOACH4 departure, contact LA center 134.65

LAS_APP: Citation 2KT, airport is at your 9 o’clock 5 miles, report it in sight

N132KT: field in sight, 2KT

LAS_APP: Thank you, cleared visual approach runway 25L, maintain 180kts until the base turn for spacing, then contact tower 119.90.

N132KT: cleared visual 25L 180kts until the base, then tower, N2KT.

Swap to tower, 119.90.

N132KT: Tower, Citation 132KT, left base for the visual 25L

LAS_TWR: Citation 2KT, Las Vegas tower, wind 180 at 9, change to and cleared to land rwy 25R, the full length roll out is approved.

N132KT: cleared to land on 25R, appreciate the long roll out, 2KT.

LAS_TWR: Citation 2KT, exit onto Foxtrot then contact ground point niner

N132KT: onto Foxtrot, then ground, 2KT

Swap to ground…

N132KT: Ground, Citation 132KT, clear rwy 25R on Foxtrot, going to Signature.

LAS_GND: Citation 2KT, ground, taxi to Signature via Foxtrot, Hotel.

N132KT: Foxtrot Hotel to Signature, 2KT

Required Materials

  • KBUR Airport Diagram
  • KBUR VNY or SLAPP SID as appropriate for type of aircraft
  • KLAS CRESO, LARKK or RNDRZ STAR as appropriate for type of aircraft
  • KLAS Airport Diagram
  • Functioning defibrillator if you intend to fly the VNY SID in a non-RNAV turbojet

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