Pilot Training Workshop: Scenario-based VFR flight planning and communication (part 1)

The previous workshop covered the different types of VFR airspace in meticulous detail. This workshop puts it all together with a relatively simple scenario from Pasa Robles (KPRB) to King City (KKIC). It follows with a more complex flight into Marina (KOAR), just outside of Monterey and Salinas, CA.

The first scenario (KPRB-KKIC) goes deep into flight planning, including route selection, estimating times enroute, navigation methods such as ded reckoning, pilotage and VOR navigation. It also covers an analysis of the airspace and various communication examples for each segment of the flight.

The second scenario (KKIC-KOAR) goes into a similar level of detail and presents different strategies for handling Monterey’s Class C airspace and Salinas’ Class D airspace. With the revelation that the destination uses right traffic for most common runway configuration, plans change and new strategies are derived on the fly!